07 Sep 2019

What’s in My Luggage: How I Use My Packing Cubes

I love travelling so I’m almost always either packing or unpacking my luggage. Usually when I travel I like checking out multiple destinations so I always try to think about how to organize my bags before I start packing. My Packing cubes are perfect for this! 

First Small Cube

Panties, Bras, Socks and PJs – In addition to everything you would think to bring, I always love bringing around a thick pair of socks to walk around the hotel room and that I can wear out onto the balcony if I want to enjoy a late night glass of wine or an early morning coffee.

Second Small Cube

Bikinis, Swimsuits, Cover-ups – This is the pool/beach cube; I love having them all in one place so if my first destination is cooler I can leave it in the suitcase! 

Medium Packing Cubes

Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Top Options – I usually organize my cubes by outfits and I usually put my go-to cube for when I arrive and want to put on an outfit to explore a hotel or city on top of my bag. 

Large Packing Cube

Sweaters, Jean Jackets, Sweatshirts – This is perfect for big things that you might not need immediately when you arrive. 

Empty Packing Cube

I always bring an empty large packing cube with me so that I have a place to keep my dirty laundry separate from my clean clothes.

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