Baby playing with pumpkin on back of truck

07 Oct 2020

Pumpkin Spice Photos

Growing up one of the highlights of the fall was going pumpkin picking with my family. Not too far from where I grew up there was a pumpkin farm. Every October my mom would take me and my sister to the pumpkin patch. Mom took a photo of us on the farm every year and in exchange for posing cooperatively she would let us each pick out our own pumpkin!! I know how much this tradition meant to my family. So I’m super excited to continue it this year with Pierce!!

We lived in a relatively rural suburb of Dallas growing up so there were a ton of pumpkin patches to choose from. Living in NYC it’s not quite so easy. After weeks of instagram stalking anyone and everyone’s pumpkin and farm pictures, I discovered Happy Day Farm. The farm is in New Jersey and just an hour from the city. So we decided to pack up Pierce and head out there!!

Happy Day Farm

Happy Day Farm is the perfect fall destination!! It’s only about an hour from NYC. And they have a pumpkin patch, a pumpkin house, corn maze, tractor rides, and all kinds of fall flowers. Surprisingly for this late in the year, they even have a sunflower field!! On weekends they have all kinds of activities for kids. Once Pierce is a little older he’s going to absolutely love spending time here in the fall!! This year because of Covid you need tickets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so make sure to book ahead of time.

We had such a great time there as a family. But to be totally honest, I was so intent on getting the perfect shot of Pierce we spent most of our time in Pumkinville!! Pierce was a trooper. He went through multiple outfit changes without fussing. And he only tried to eat one of the pumpkins a few times!! I was obsessed with posing with Pierce in front of the Pumpkin House and of having him sit on the back of an old truck filled with pumpkins.

Did I get the shot…..I’ll let you decide.

If you’re planning your own pumpkin spice photo shoot with a little one check out some of my favorite looks!!

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