Welcome to Chic Itinerary by Kristi Hemric.

I’m a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger living in New York City. I got my blogging start on Instagram (@khemric). If you’re already following me on Instagram you know what I’m about, I love sharing my looks and my favorite places…..basically “What to Wear Where”.

Chic Itinerary is a place where I can share more of my favorite destinations, favorite looks, and favorite things along with some of my personal thoughts and feelings. It’s also a place where you can find many of my favorite looks all in one place!!!

I hope you find that Chic Itinerary provides a great complement to my Instagram and that sharing more detail on the places I love and topics that are important allows you to get to know me better.

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Woman standing in front of rainbow doors in sunflower field

13 Oct 2020

Photo Inspo

Sunflower Fields Forever

Some mornings when I’m trying to come up with the perfect caption for an instagram post I search for inspirational or uplifting quotes. Since I love flowers and feature them in a lot of my photos, I have a long list of flower quotes to use one day. One flower-related quote that I love that I haven’t found the right time to use until now is from Ken Petti who said “Every flower blooms in its own time.”

07 Oct 2020


Pumpkin Spice Photos

Growing up one of the highlights of the fall was going pumpkin picking with my family. Not too far from where I grew up there was a pumpkin farm. Every October my mom would take me and my sister to the pumpkin patch. Mom took a photo of us on the farm every year and in exchange for posing cooperatively she would let us each pick out our own pumpkin!! I know how much this tradition meant to my family. So I’m super excited to continue it this year with Pierce!!

28 Aug 2019

NYC // City Living

Top 10 Places to Shoot in NYC

As a little girl growing up in Dallas I daydreamed about some day living in New York City. To young Kristi, NYC was a bustling city full of fashionable and important people and I dreamed about being in the middle of all the constant activity. Now that I’m lucky enough to call NYC home, the constant activity is amazing but sometimes it’s nice to find a quiet place – especially when I’m looking to shoot pictures that highlight my favorite looks.

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